When you’re looking to grow your small business, every interaction counts.

Even in an era dominated by emails and texts, voicemails remain a crucial touchpoint. However, managing these voicemails can often feel overwhelming.

This guide will dive into some voicemail management techniques that will help you ensure that no business opportunity slips through.

Voicemails: The Numbers

How to Effectively Triage Your Voicemail: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Why should you even care about voicemail?

  • Voicemail Volume: Remarkably, 80% of calls end up as voicemails. This indicates a large scope of customer interactions being missed that could be captured by voicemail.

  • Callback Rates: The average callback rate is a mere 3%. Only a small fraction of those who leave a voicemail receive a callback.

By elevating your voicemail management practices above the norm, you can destroy the competition. A better callback rate, even by a small margin, could translate to significantly higher sales outcomes.

First Impressions: Your Voicemail Greeting

A voicemail greeting isn't just about informing callers that you're unavailable; it's an opportunity to communicate your brand's voice, reassure customers, and even guide their actions. Don't underestimate its power. A professional, clear, and warm greeting can substantially increase the rate at which people leave voicemails. Here's how to craft a compelling one:

  • Clear Identification: Begin by clearly stating the name of your business. Callers should be certain they've reached the right number.

  • Guided Prompts: Give callers a brief guide on the kind of information you'd like them to leave. This not only increases the chance of a message being left but also ensures that the voicemails you receive are actionable.

  • Estimated Response Time: Let callers know when they can expect a callback. This can reduce anxieties and reassure the customer that they will be attended to, like "We aim to get back within 24 hours." This can also lesen the chance that your customer immediately calls a competitor.

  • Keep it Brief: While you want to provide all the essential details, it's crucial to be concise. A long-winded greeting can get more people to hang up before they leave a voicemail.

Navigate Through Voicemails with Ease

How to Effectively Triage Your Voicemail: A Guide for Small Business Owners

  • Timely Responses: Addressing messages chronologically helps with quicker replies and prevents a pile-up.

  • Quick Tags: Label voicemails as 'Urgent', 'Follow-up', or 'General' to prioritize responses.

  • How to Effectively Triage Your Voicemail: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

  • Voicemail-to-Email: Tools like RingCentral or Grasshopper send transcribed voicemails straight to your inbox, helping you sort and prioritize which ones to get back to first.

  • Cloud Voicemail Systems: Services like Vonage or Google Voice allow you to access voicemails remotely, keeping you connected irrespective of where you are.

24-Hour Responses

Strive to respond within 24 hours. Any longer might mean missed opportunities.

Delegate Like a Pro with Twine

Scaling up? Handling every voicemail might be unfeasible. Hire assistance or turn to Twine, an AI-driven receptionist, that handles every single missed calls for you. It known for cost-effectiveness and swift responses.

Unlike conventional tools, Twine actively engages with callers for a personalized touch.

Keeping your Voicemail Above Water: Regular Cleanups

  • Block Review Times: Set aside weekly or bi-weekly intervals to comb through voicemails. Use calendar reminders to stay on track.

  • Archive: Save the important voicemails, but get rid of the rest, while always making sure to save customer contacts

  • Automated Purging: use systems that auto-purge old voicemails, maintaining a manageable inbox.

Voicemail’s Next Chapter

Voicemail is here to stay, albeit with a modern twist. Technologies like voicemail-to-text and AI platforms are reshaping business engagement with voice messages, causing a huge shift for business.

By adopting these measures and leveraging modern tools like Twine, small business owners can ensure that their voicemail system is not a neglected relic, but a robust, effective channel of communication.

If you’ve decided that you want to delegate your voicemail responses to Twine, we can help.

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