In an era where "same-day delivery" sets the standard, customer expectations are higher than ever. Customers want quick solutions and instant responses. Have you ever paused to consider how many potential clients you might be losing by sending them to voicemail?

Let's delve into the stats and see why an AI text message receptionist, like Twine, is the smarter choice for SMBs.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Why Sending Customers to Voicemail Might Be Costing You Business (And How Twine Can Help)

1. Customers Avoid Voicemail: Recent studies show that a whopping 80% of callers sent to voicemail do not leave a message. Voicemails are flat out inconvenient to customers, instead of waiting for a return call that might never come, most just move on to the next available business.

2. Lost Sales Opportunities: It is estimated that businesses lose out on 20-30% of potential sales when they don't answer the phone immediately. Given that many of these callers don't leave a voicemail, the opportunity to regain this lost business is tiny.

3. Impersonal Experience: 70% of customers state that they want to be treated as individuals and not as numbers. Voicemail, unfortunately, gives the opposite impression - that they're just another caller in the queue. Don't let your customers feel like a number. 

The Texting Trend

Most customers prefer texting over calling, and the numbers back this up:

- Over 65% of consumers say they'd consider switching to businesses that offer the ability to communicate through texting.

- A staggering 90% of SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes.

Given these stats, it's evident that embracing texting as a primary communication channel can lead to higher customer engagement and satisfaction, and most importantly, more revenue for you as a business. 

How Twine Can Help

Why Sending Customers to Voicemail Might Be Costing You Business (And How Twine Can Help)

Twine is more than just an AI receptionist; it's a seamless bridge between your business and your customers. Here’s how:  

1. Immediate Responses: Twine ensures that no customer is left waiting. With an immediate text response, you can provide information, answer questions, or assure the customer that their concern will be addressed promptly.

2. 24/7 Availability: Unlike human receptionists, Twine is always on duty. This means that even outside business hours, your customers receive the attention they deserve.

3. Personalized Interaction: Twine is equipped to offer personalized messages, ensuring that each customer feels valued and recognized.

4. Cost-Efficient: Employing a human receptionist can be expensive. With Twine, you receive all the benefits of a receptionist and more, but at a fraction of the cost.

5. Scalability: Whether you're receiving ten messages a day or a thousand, Twine scales according to your needs, ensuring efficient management of all communications.

Why Sending Customers to Voicemail Might Be Costing You Business (And How Twine Can Help)


In today's fast-paced world, where every moment counts and customers crave personalized experiences, sending customers to voicemail is a risky business strategy. Embrace the future of communication with Twine, and ensure that your business never misses out on customers.

Don't be part of the statistics; see firsthand the difference Twine can make.